Career Portfolio

Select projects from my portfolio. Additional information on each can be found below.

Corporate Communications

In 2011, I was promoted into a new role at the AICPA focused on corporate communications strategy. In this role, I was challenged with modernizing the strategy and tactics to appeal to a broad range of members (i.e. launching our social media and blog). A key project I brought forth, developed, and later launched was AICPA Insights, the first corporate blog for the AICPA. In addition to serving as editor and publisher, I wrote many blogs posts myself (and some even under my own name, which are still published).


The ANA held an innovation growth challenge in 2016. Employees were encouraged to submit an innovative idea that would inspire growth at the ANA. Top ideas were presented to the entire company and four winners were picked.

I immediately focused on what could deliver the greatest value for the ANA: more members. I knew that most of the ANA’s members were long-standing brands (e.g. Coca-Cola, Hershey, P&G, and so forth), but there were few new brands and almost no startup companies. The minimum membership dues to become an ANA member were a big hurdle, but so was the corporate way we treated them. I developed a program that built a pathway for startups to join the ANA’s membership. The program was recognized as one of the final four winners of the competition.

Two years later, when analyzing ANA website activity, I noticed a spike in visits to in-house agency content. From that data and conversations with members, I developed a one-day conference focused on in-house agencies. This event was one of the top attended events in the ANA portfolio that year. Building off this success, I launched a new practice area for marketers with in-house agencies. Today, I continue to lead this practice area which has expanded to an annual national conference (profitable in its first-year), three regional committees, and multiple single day events and thought leadership pieces.

Thought Leadership

In my current role at the ANA, I work with members and industry leaders to identify best practices, develop guidance, and research new topic areas. I present these to our members and industry through presentations and whitepapers. A selection of those whitepapers are below:

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